Top 10 Best Zombie Games You Need To Play

top 10 best zombie games

Now there have been a lot of zombie games over the years and more and more are coming out every day. With so many zombie games to choose from how do you know which ones are really worth playing? Well, in this post we’ll cover the top 10 best zombie games you should play. Also, these are all great games, so they aren’t necessarily in a specific order and any are worth checking out!

1. Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 has always been one of the best zombie games in the Resident Evil franchise. The reason for this is that it completely changed the genre because of its camera angles and play style.

The previous Resident Evil games were definitely great for their time, but the clunky tank controls make them difficult to go back to and play. Once the controls were updated to the 3rd person perspective it made a world of difference. The gameplay became more fluid and intuitive to control compared to previous games in the series.

Another benefit to swapping the gameplay to the 3rd person perspective was that it increased the scare factor of the game. Certainly, there were some good scares in previous Resident Evil games, but when the camera only allows you to see what is in front of you it was much more intense.

It was much easier for zombies to sneak up from behind or to grab you from behind walls in this 3rd person format compared to the previous bird’s eye view. It also introduced the need to shake the control sticks to simulate shaking off zombies. Again, this greatly increased the scare factor and intensity of the game.

Resident Evil 4 also added some RPG elements to the game where you could find gold to use to buy weapon upgrades, ammo, and more. This addition made the game extra addicting to try and improve your gear. If you have played Resident Evil 4 yet, get your hands on it as soon as you can as it’s one of the best zombie games.

2. Resident Evil 2 Remake

Having played the Resident Evil series since the beginning, Resident Evil 2 has always been my favorite storyline of them all. The only thing holding the original game back was the bird’s eye view, tank controls, and dated graphics. For its time it was amazing, but it didn’t hold up as well over the years. So when the Resident Evil 2 Remake was announced I was beyond excited.

The remake took everything I loved about the original and got rid of the things I hated. The new 3rd person perspective that was introduced in Resident Evil 4 was much needed and made the game much more intense.

The redesign of Racoon City was amazing and made the police station come to life. Some of the iconic monsters like the Licker monster was beautifully rendered in modern graphics.

Resident Evil 2 follows the story of Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield as they try and escape the zombie outbreak in Raccoon City. Another reason this is one of the best zombie games is that you really feel like you are fighting for survival. There are many points where you are better off just running from zombies rather than trying to hunt them down.

The limited resources also increase the intensity of the game and you often feel like you are scrambling for resources to make it out alive. The Resident Evil 2 Remake also expands some of the story details compared to the original. If you haven’t played the Resident Evil 2 remake yet, get it, because it’s one of the best zombie games out right now.

3. Dead Space

Dead Space is another one of the best zombie games because it combines the intensity of a zombie game with the deathly silence of space. In this game, you play in a space station where all of the inhabitants seemingly have disappeared. You often walk through the station alone and any noise or movement is likely something that will try and kill you.

This game features a unique game mechanic for killing zombie-like creatures that are different from other zombie games. In most zombie games you shoot for the head to kill the zombies, in this game you must incapacitate the zombies by blowing off their limbs. These zombies have morphed into intense alien-like creatures that are constantly flailing their limbs, so it becomes very difficult to take them out.

You also have the ability to smash boxes and creatures by stomping on them with your boot. Needless to say when there are dozens of spider-like zombies scrambling towards you and you have to try and shoot them or stomp on them it gets pretty intense.

This game also features sections where you must navigate outside of the ship in space. You’ll be floating through zero gravity and having zombie monsters flying out of nowhere in silence and attacking you. It is a terrifying experience, to say the least.

On top of this, the game also has RPG elements to it where you can upgrade your weapons, health, oxygen levels, and more. This is very addicting and adds to the replay value of the game with a unique character build each time you play. With Dead Space, you get a unique zombie in space atmosphere which is why it’s one of the best zombie games on this list.

4. Dead Rising

Dead Rising is an action RPG zombie game that is another one of the best zombie games worth playing. I’m definitely a big fan of anything zombie-related and one of my favorite zombie movies is Dawn of the Dead. In this movie, survivors end up in a local shopping mall and try and survive the zombie apocalypse.

Dead Rising has a similar feel to it as you play as Frank West a photographer/journalist, who jumps headfirst into a zombie apocalypse at Willamette Parkview Mall. Your goal is to uncover what is really going on and what caused the zombie outbreak in the first place.

This zombie game is an action RPG but also incorporates photography elements to gain experience points. If Pokemon Snap met a zombie game this would be what this gameplay mechanic is like. You earn points based on the number of zombies, what the zombies are doing if survivors are in the photo, and more. It’s a cool unique way to gain experience beyond just killing zombies.

This zombie game also features in-game events based on specific time windows. If you visit certain locations at specific times you can rescue survivors, encounter psychopaths, and complete quests. When you die you can either go back to an earlier save file or start the game over with all your improved stats. This can help you unlock more quests, progress further in the story, and save more survivors.

You also have the ability to pick up almost anything and use it as a weapon to kill zombies, which is super fun and addicting. Dead Rising is definitely one of the best zombie games and is a must-play.

5. State of Decay

State of Decay was one of the best zombie games I happened to stumble upon by chance and I was glad I did. This zombie game starts with a unique premise as you begin as two campers who return to camp to find out while they have been gone the zombie apocalypse has happened.

You meet up with some fellow campers and get ambushed by zombies. Eventually, you make your way to a local survivor settlement and begin building a community. This is one of the best zombie games because of its open-world nature.

The game had more of a community-building survival feel to it more than a zombie survival horror game. You’ll need to save and rescue survivors and add them to your community. In addition to that, you need to scavenge for supplies to grow and upgrade your community base.

You can switch between survivors and each one has their own unique skills and abilities. This game also has some RPG elements and you can level up your character’s abilities. The level-up system is also very addicting because you improve your skills by using them. For example, the more you run, the better your cardio improves and the longer you can run as your level grows.

This is also one of the best zombie games because it has such a high replay value. The game has a general story that is the same, but how events happen in the game is random to some extent. The survivors you find can happen differently each time, and some events happen at random as well.

The year one edition of the game also includes additional story campaigns and greatly expands the game. Definitely pick up State of Decay as it is one of the best zombie games I’ve played.

6. Dead Island

Imagine Elder Scrolls meets zombie apocalypse. That is what the gameplay of Dead Island is like and why it is one of the best zombie games. This zombie game is a first-person action RPG.

This zombie game takes place at a vacation island resort and you wake up after a night of partying to discover the resort and island is having a zombie outbreak. Another reason this zombie game is so unique is that you are on a sunny resort island. Most zombie games are dark and take place at night, while this mostly happens in the day.

You’ll find various weapons lying around that you can pick up and use like boat ores, wrenches, machetes, and more. The game also features a skill system where you can level up various abilities to better suit your playstyle.

At the start of the game, you can also choose between various characters and each one has their own strengths and weaknesses. This greatly adds to the replay value as you will likely want to try the game again with each character.

This game also features more of an open-world feel to it so you can explore much of the island and take on quests in almost any order you choose. You can get lost for hours just exploring the island looking for better equipment and weapons to improve your chance of survival. Check this game out as it is one of the best zombie games in recent years.

7. Dying Light

Dying Light - one of the best zombie games

Another one of the best zombie games that are similar to Dead Island is Dying Light. This game is not a sequel, but it does share some similar elements and was made by the same company.

The plot of this game centers around an undercover agent that airdrops into a middle eastern city that is currently under quarantine from a zombie outbreak. Your goal is to recover some documents that are being used to blackmail your organization.

A lot of the RPG elements return from Dead Island in this game where you can power up your character and your weapons making this game very addicting. Another unique element to this game is the addition of using parkour to travel around the city. This increases the intensity of the game as you’ll be scaling buildings and jumping from rooftops to escape hoards of zombies.

This zombie game also introduces a day and night cycle gameplay mechanic. Basically, as you roam the city in the day, zombies are slow and weak, but at night they become fast and more dangerous. On top of that, there are even more intense mutated zombie creatures that only come out at night.

Often there are random airdrops of supplies across the city and you’ll have to fight your way to them and potentially fight off other survivors to claim the supplies. If you like action RPGs this is a must-play zombie game.

8. Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead is another one of the best zombie games and is a fast-paced first-person-shooter style zombie game. One of the big aspects of this game was that you could play 4-player local co-op. Many games these days are just online co-op and to have the ability to play this zombie game locally with friends is a lot of fun.

You’ll play as various survivors going through different scenarios trying to last until the end of the stages. The zombies in this game are also incredibly fast and that definitely spikes up the intensity. With the multi-player aspects of this game, you can also save downed survivors in your group. The AI isn’t the greatest when playing solo, but it is definitely still fun.

As you progress through levels you can find various safe houses to recover and reload your ammo and switch guns. These also act as checkpoints so you don’t need to beat each level in one sitting. The game itself isn’t that long, but when you play with friends locally it has a really high replay value.

This zombie game also features a versus mode and you can control either the survivors or even the zombies. I’d recommend playing this fast-paced zombie game as it was one of the best zombie games of its time.

9. World War Z

Now World War Z is not made by the same company that made Left 4 Dead, but it does have a similar feel to the gameplay. The reason why this is one of the best zombie games is that it took the concept of Left 4 Dead and greatly expanded upon it.

In this game, you play through various campaigns across the world and experience the zombie outbreaks taking place there. You have a variety of characters to play as and each playthrough you’ll unlock more of their individual stories.

Each scenario also has a variety of difficulty levels to really challenge yourself. You’ll also have a variety of weapons to chose from and unlock as you progress in the game. This game is also much longer than the Left 4 Dead games and the single-player game is much more robust.

Another reason this is one of the best zombie games is that you can level up your weapons to make them more powerful. Your character also has different classes to choose from which you can also level up.

These classes each have their own skill trees and different abilities you can equip to your characters giving you many different ways to play the game. Plus the zombies in this game are very aggressive and fast, which makes for an intense experience. Get your hands on World War Z because it is one of the best zombie games out right now.

10. Resident Evil Revelations

This Resident Evil game was one that I had actually avoided for many years. Since it wasn’t a numbered Resident Evil game I wasn’t sure how it fit into the series, and it featured a new mission-based level mechanic. However, once I finally decided to play it I realized it was one of the best zombie games in the Resident Evil series.

This game takes place between the events of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5. You follow the stories of Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield and their respective partners. Also instead of how early Resident Evil games let you play through one character’s story and then after you beat the game you could play as the other, in this game you switch back and forth. Then you realize how the multiple storylines come together at the end of the game.

Another great enhancement to this game is that it allowed you to assign various weapons to the d-pad so you didn’t have to jump back and forth into the menu all the time like older Resident Evil games. This created faster and more intense gameplay.

The game also includes many enhancements you can equip to your guns, and you can mix and match these between your weapons as well. There is also a raid mode in this game which is super fun and addicting. You’ll take on various missions and earn BP you can use to buy new weapons, upgrade weapons, and more. While it’s not one of the numbered Resident Evil games, it is still one of the best zombie games and is worth checking out!

11. Into The Dead 2

Into The Dead 2 was a game I stumbled upon after making my original top 10 best zombie games list. Since then it has quickly become one of my favorite zombie games so I had to include it as a bonus because it is one of the best zombie games.

Into The Dead 2 was originally a mobile game, which I rarely play, and that is another reason I hadn’t heard about it until years after it came out. I stumbled upon this game while searching for games related to Ghostbusters of all things. The game features a DLC campaign where you play as the Ghostbusters and you can even unlock Proton Packs and have Terror Dogs and companions.

Now the game itself is an endless runner where you are separated from your sister and daughter after a supply run, and you try and reunite with them. You’ll run through forests, swamps, farmland, and more while shooting down and dodging zombies.

Part of why this is one of the best zombie games is its addictive nature. A level only takes around a minute or two, and often less, but you’ll find that minute run turning into hours very quickly.

On top of that you have many weapons to choose from that you unlock but also gain experience with to make you more powerful. You also get to bring along companions like dogs, tigers, and more to assist you on your run. These companions give you different benefits and can be leveled up as well.

Each level has different challenges associated with it as well that you can clear to earn more gold and weapons as rewards. This is a hidden gem and is one of the best zombie games on Nintendo Switch!


It seemed like for a few years zombie games, shows, and movies were the latest craze, and people slapped a zombie theme on games just to make money. Because of this, it can be hard to know what are the best zombie games, and what ones are even worth playing.

Many zombie games choose to go the survival horror route like the Resident Evil series, but some like Into The Dead 2 use an endless runner mechanic. Other zombie games like Dead Island and Dying Light choose more of an action RPG style of gameplay.

While there are a lot of zombie games out there, a few stand out as the best zombie games, and hopefully, you enjoyed some of our top picks! At the same time with so many zombie games, we might have missed some in our list, so let us know in the comments if there are any other zombies games we missed!

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