Top 10 BEST FREE Nintendo Switch Games Worth Playing

Top 10 Best Free Nintendo Switch Games

If you are looking for great free games on Nintendo Switch you are in the right place. The list of free-to-play games on Nintendo Switch is pretty long, so it can be challenging to choose a game worth playing. In this post, you’ll learn our picks of the Top 10 Best Free Nintendo Switch Games Worth Playing.

1. Pac-Man 99

Pac-Man 99 is a free-to-play Nintendo Switch game that combines classic Pac-Man with a battle royale concept. You’ll play traditional Pac-Man with a few twists making this game one of the best free Nintendo Switch games worth playing.

For starters, in the game, you’ll play Pac-Man against 99 other players with the goal of being the last player standing. In this version of Pac-Man, every time you kill a ghost they get sent to another player’s screen in the form of Pac-Man ghosts to sabotage the other players.

The game also has improved graphics and a new soundtrack to further improve upon the classic Pac-Man. Also as you clear more levels, you’ll be able to increase your Pac-Man’s speed. You can even improve how fast you chew through the enemy sabotage ghosts. It also has a new feature of creating a huge chain of ghosts so you can eat a lot and send a bunch in a row to sabotage other players.

If you love retro gaming and old-school Pac-Man, but want to experience it with even more addicting gameplay get this game. I’d definitely recommend this game as it’s one of the best free Nintendo Switch games available right now.

2. Tetris 99

Tetris 99 is another one of the best free Nintendo Switch games because it is a great classic retro game with the added battle royale aspect to improve the replay value. Similar to Pac-Man 99, in Tetris 99 you play a classic game of Tetris, but this time you are going against 99 other players to become the last player standing.

The graphics have become more intense and the game also features an updated version of the classic Tetris theme song. The gameplay is similar to a classic two-player Tetris game, but this time you can send your cleared Tetris lines to the other 99 players.

Since the game is you vs 99 other players, you never really know when new line blocks are going to show up to sabotage your playthrough. This increases the intensity of the classic game but also keeps it fair between players.

The game even has a counterattack feature to target players that are attacking you. Plus you can even play team battles where you and many players compete as a team to take on other teams to be the last team standing. I’d recommend checking out this free-to-play Nintendo Switch game if you enjoy the original Tetris game.

3. Super Bomberman R Online

If you have ever played classic Bomberman for the Super Nintendo or Nintendo 64 and remember enjoying the fun multiplayer this game is for you! Super Bomberman takes the classic multiplayer Bomberman experience and adds in a battle royale element.

You’ll play in an arena of multiple maps and 64 other players in hopes of being the last player standing. Every hour the stage you play in also changes, keeping things fresh.

Another reason Super Bomberman R Online is one of the best free Nintendo Switch games is that it has an extremely high replay value. The game has several different Bomberman characters you can choose from and each has its own unique abilities. Some characters for example start with a higher bomb capacity, others have a higher starting speed, others have a larger bomb explosion size, and much more.

As you play and win matches you can also unlock new characters, costumes, and more. This also increases the replay value of the game and makes it very addicting. If you enjoy battle royale games and the Bomberman series I definitely recommend this free-to-play Nintendo Switch game.

4. Dauntless

The next free Switch game on the list is Dauntless. Dauntless is a free-to-play action RPG for Nintendo Switch that is similar to games in the Monster Hunter series.

Dauntless takes place in a fantasy world where a terrible event has fractured the world and huge beasts called Behemoths now ravage the land. You’ll take on the role of a slayer which is a hero that takes on these Behemoth monsters to protect what is left of the human race.

In this action RPG, you’ll have many weapon types to choose from and as you defeat monsters you’ll gain items you can use to upgrade and craft better weapons and equipment. You’ll also be able to level up your character’s abilities and skill trees as you progress through the game.

Many of the Behomons can take a good bit of time to take down and you can play the game solo or cooperatively in teams to make the job easier. This is what really makes this game similar to games like Monster Hunter. However, unlike the Monster Hunter games, the graphic style is more cartoonlike and is similar to games like Fortnite.

If you like action RPGs and a Monster Hunter like experience, this is definitely one of the best free Nintendo Switch games for you.

5. Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite is another one of the best free Nintendo Switch games available right now. This game is considered a multiplayer online battle arena game or MOBA. You’ll play on a team of 5 players against another team of 5 players with the goal of scoring the most points at the end of the match time.

You have a variety of different Pokemon to choose from and each has its own unique strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. You’ll begin the match as that Pokemon’s first evolution form and as you defeat Pokemon in the arena you’ll level up and eventually evolve. Pokemon can also hold items to power up different aspects of their stats and abilities.

As you level up you’ll learn new abilities and deal more damage to the opposing team’s Pokemon. As you defeat Pokemon you’ll also gain points, and once you have enough points, you’ll be able to score a goal in an opposing team’s base.

While there is a lot of content and gameplay available for free, the game does have a heavy micro-transaction element to it if you decide to go that route. You can also get new costumes and cosmetic items with micro-transactions as well, but also for free if you log enough time and matches. I never felt the need to partake in any of the micro-transaction elements, but it’s good to know they are there if that is something you want to stay away from.

Outside of that, there is plenty of fun and content you can experience for free, and the game is super fun and addicting. If you like MOBA-style games and want to play one with a Pokemon theme, I definitely recommend this free-to-play Nintendo Switch game.

6. Asphalt 9 Legends

Asphalt 9 Legends is another free-to-play Switch game that is worth playing. This is one of the best free Nintendo Switch games that is a racing game. You start the game with one car and as you play you’ll unlock new cars you can race and upgrade.

The game features nitro boosters to speed up your car, fun drifting mechanics, and even the option of doing a 360 drift to take out other racers. As you complete races you can earn money that you can use to upgrade various aspects of your car. This can be in areas like acceleration, top speed, handling, and more.

Each car you get also has a gas tank that gives you so many races for free. Most cars have 6 refills of gas, but some have less. When your gas runs out you can simply wait a few minutes until it fills back up. If you time it right you should be able to play the game for a long time without having to wait much at all.

Most races are pretty quick as well and typically only last around a minute or two. This is great because you are always earning new rewards, blueprints for new cars, and money to use to upgrade your new cars. The graphics are also pretty impressive and many of the cars look incredibly realistic.

If you want a fast-paced racing game with fun boosting and drifting mechanics I’d definitely recommend Asphalt 9 Legends.

7. The Elder Scrolls Blades

The Elder Scrolls Blades is a free-to-play Switch game that fits into the Elder Scrolls universe between the events of Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion and Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. This game is a first-person action RPG that has more of a linear feel vs the typical open-world style of most Elder Scrolls games.

The gameplay is a bit more streamlined than most Elder Scrolls titles, but it does have a lot of the same mechanics of the series just in a simpler form. There are, however, a few different game modes that keep the game fresh.

There is the main story mode where you’ll go through various quests and on a journey to rebuild a town that was destroyed. A player vs player arena mode and an endless dungeon mode which is a roguelike randomly generated dungeon where you can level up your character and equipment.

As you rebuild the town you’ll gain access to various shops and characters like a blacksmith and more. The battles in the dungeons are in a one vs one first-person format. You’ll have to time your attacks correctly, block oncoming attacks with your shield, and use magic to survive.

Overall, if you are into first-person RPGs and would like a more streamlined Elder Scrolls experience I would definitely recommend this game. It’s one of the best free Nintendo Switch games for fans of RPGs.

8. Yugioh Master Duel

If you are a fan of the YuGiOh card game you’ll want to check out YuGiOh Master Duel as it’s definitely one of the best free Nintendo Switch games for YuGiOh fans. This game allows you to play the YuGiOh collectible card game without having to endlessly buy new packs or decks to play.

The game does have some microtransactions where you can buy gems to get booster packs and decks faster, but you can also play the game for free and acquire gems over time. If you are a casual player you definitely won’t need to invest money into the game to get new packs and decks and you can earn as you go. If you are more serious and want to get every card you need as soon as possible, then you might end up paying for more gems.

However, most people likely won’t have to use any microtransactions and can experience all the benefits of playing YuGiOh with people around the world. First, you can duel live people with the click of a button.

Another great part about this is that the game seems to pair you against people of a similar experience level. This means you likely won’t be going up against people with a far superior deck or those that are overpowered.

There are even solo modes where you can take on challenges and learn the details on how to play the game. If you like collectible card games like Magic the Gathering or Pokemon the Trading card game you’ll enjoy this free-to-play Switch game.

9. Warframe

Warframe is a free-to-play Nintendo Switch game that has a sci-fi them and features a 3rd person action RPG-style gameplay. In Warframe you play as an ancient warrior who has awoken after many years of cryosleep. You’ll control a powerful warframe that has enhanced combat abilities to take on the evil race of clones the Grineer.

There are multiple styles of warframes to choose from in this sci-fi action RPG. Some are focused more on melee combat while others use ranged spell attacks and then another is more of a cross between the two. You’ll have a wide variety of weapon choices from swords, staffs, handguns, machine guns, bow and arrows, and more.

As you play you’ll level up your characters, and find various modifications that you can equip onto your character making them more powerful. Your warframe suit also allows you to perform many parkour skills like double jumps and more.

The gameplay is somewhat similar to the Destiny series where you’ll travel across the solar system completing quests, gaining levels, and finding new equipment. The game does have microtransactions, but you can still level up and find great equipment through grinding so you can get plenty of gameplay for free.

If you like sci-fi and action RPGs I’d recommend Warframe as it’s one of the best free Nintendo Switch games available right now.

10. Fortnite

Fortnite has been one of the most popular games in recent years and it is also one of the best free Nintendo Switch games worth playing. This free-to-play Switch game is a cartoony 3rd person shooter battle royale game.

Each player has a generic character, but you are able to customize them with various outfits to personalize them to your liking. After that players are airdropped into a huge arena via a floating “battle bus” and you can choose where in the arena you want to land. Depending on where you fall you’ll be able to find a variety of weapon types, ammo, shield potions, health-restoring items, and much more.

The goal is to be the last player standing, or team standing if you play a mode with teams. This game also features a unique building mechanic where you can build towers and walls to protect yourself from enemy fire, hide, reach new places, or gain the high ground.

The replay value of this game is extremely high because each time you spawn on the map you are flying in at a different angle and direction. This keeps each match fresh especially when the items you find are different every time as well. Plus they regularly release new chapter and season updates that switch up the map, items, and unlockables as you play.

If you are looking for an addictive shooter game I’d recommend Fortnite as it’s one of the best free Nintendo Switch games available.

Conclusion – Best Free Nintendo Switch Games

If you are a new Nintendo Switch owner and maybe don’t have the cash to buy every game you want, the good news is there are lots of great free-to-play Switch games. Certainly, the best free Nintendo Switch game is going to depend on your personal preferences and the type of game you like, but hopefully, in this post, you found one or two you can enjoy.

There are several battle royale options with games like Pac-Man 99, Tetris 99, Super Bomberman R Online, and even Fortnite. Each takes its own unique spin on the battle royale concept.

You also have several RPG games to choose from some are first-person action RPGs, others are in a Monster Hunter style, and some tap into a vast sci-fi universe. There are even some collectible card games and MOBA free-to-play Nintendo Switch games available.

While we haven’t played every free Nintendo Switch game, there are plenty of great ones to choose from on this list of the best free Nintendo Switch games. Let us know in the comments below any great free Switch games we missed!

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